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Garnet amplifier company - makers of the famous herzog and guillotine guitar effects, garnet guitar amplifiers, and custom amps and guitar cabinets. new products as well as info and support for vintage garnet products from the sixties, seventies and eighties. new and nos parts for tube amp hobbyists as well as gar gillies book, the how " why of tube guitar amps as gar sees it.

Unbiased preamplification of small cdna quantities

Budda amplification is a premier manufacturer of high-end, tube driven, amplifiers for electric guitar. our line of amplifiers range from an 18-watt combo to a bone-crushing 80-watt stack. based in san francisco, ca, budda amplificaiton has been manufacturing amps since 1994.

Green Amps
Tube amps that are military grade hand made, point to point, hardwire, turret board construction.

The official marshall web site, featuring marshall amplifiers, artists news, interviews, quotes, gig guide, marshall law, reader's amps, lessons online, support, dealer search and merchandise

Rivera amplification has been producing high-quailty guitar amps and cabinets since 1976.


Mesa Boogie
Mesa Boogie

Want to play your best? there is no substitute for a sensitive, well designed and built amplifier. for classic rock, our amplifiers deliver solid and harmonically rich three dimensional tone that won't over-compress or turn mushy. they are highly responsive to your touch and volume/tone settings. you'll hear everything coming from your guitar.

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